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How Does a Multi-Room Speaker System Work?


Bring Music to Every Corner of Your Tennessee Home

Whether you’re working from home or entertaining guests, multi-room audio is the perfect way to soundtrack everyday life. As you walk from one room to another, music will follow all your activities. You won’t be siloed from the household like you would be with headphones on, and you’ll never miss a lyric or podcast moment.

There are many ways to approach a multi-room sound system for your Lebanon-area home. First, one must decide if they want a wired or wireless setup. You want your whole-house system to be quick and easy to use with the ability to play multiple sources like streaming services, radio, CDs, and your record player. 

We’ll share our expertise on multi-room speaker systems below so you can find the right fit for your home.

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Wired with Receiver  

With all the wireless speakers on the market, you may be wondering why we still install wired whole-home systems. Most AV integrators agree that wired speaker systems are more reliable, faster to use, and arguably sound better. Wireless speakers have improved in quality over recent years, but most audiophile speaker brands are meant to be wired.

To do so, we wire your house’s speakers to a receiver, using additional outputs to create separate audio zones. This means you can have different sources, like a turntable or smartphone, playing in different areas. You may need an additional amplifier between rooms and extra speakers.

A downside to wired systems? Well, the wires. You might not want wires in sight, but if you don’t have prewiring or aren’t building a new home, running cables through the walls can be a tedious extra step. Anyone renovating or constructing a house should consider prewiring for multi-room audio with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers for a sleek appearance.

Wired with Control System  

For more complex home systems with many rooms and zones, a wired multi-room controller is your best bet. Part amplifier, part audio matrix and part control system, it easily allows you to send a music source to specific rooms in your house. If your home already has network wiring, you can use Cat-5e cables to distribute audio.

Although the speakers are wired to the controller, that doesn’t mean you can’t wirelessly select songs from your phone or tablet. Music selection should be simple, and we can build a smart system that’s intuitive for your family to use.

Wireless Multi-Room Audio  

Wireless speakers aren’t synched together via a control system or receiver but instead connect over a mesh network or Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi-based systems are tricky because they rely on a strong connection and wide enough bandwidth. Speakers like Sonos and Bowers & Wilkins communicate over their own mesh network, so your internet usage won’t interfere. And with the Sonos Amp, you can add old analog speakers to the wireless system.

Wireless’ other weak spot is the impact of architectural and environmental factors. Many building materials and layouts cause weak signals, making it hard for music to spread across your property. For distant rooms, a combination of wired and wireless speakers can be an excellent solution for multi-room sound systems.

If you’re ready to bring whole-home music to your property, contact Symspire in Middle Tennessee. We design and install custom systems that will blend seamlessly into your interior. We look forward to assisting you!

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