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Why Smart Homes Fail & How a Professional Can Help


How to Own the Smart Home of Your Dreams

The online magazine Fast Company recently published an article titled ‘The Smart Home Is Failing as a Concept—Because It Sucks.’ In it, Jared Newman laments that smart home devices often do not work, saying, “Just this week…the two Alexa-connected blinds in my bedroom failed to roll down at their scheduled time.”

He continues, “The SmartThings lights in my bedroom don’t work with Apple’s Siri assistant, and my Tilt blinds only work with Alexa.” His devices aren’t compatible and integrated together—and that’s his first mistake.

DIY smart devices aren’t built for integration and compatibility. Running a collection of smart gadgets connected to a voice assistant is not a “smart home.” A truly automated home requires a professionally installed and hardwired system that runs on the same network. Sophisticated smart home controllers like Control4 are not found on Amazon or at Best Buy. But for the homeowner who’s serious about luxury living with smart technology, using anything less will only lead to headaches.

In this blog, we’ll share how working with a smart home company can deliver the quality smart home results you desire. And if you’re located in the Nashville, TN, area, you can find all the home automation solutions you need from Symspire.

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All Your Devices in One System

Control4 smart systems are known for “playing well with others”—that is, with over 14,000 third-party products, from Sonos to Samsung and beyond. You don’t have to worry about your smart speaker not communicating with your motorized shades. In a Control4 home, everything is synced to one system. You can access all your home’s devices from the same app, wall switch, or remote, whichever control methods you prefer.

Don’t Rely on Unpredictable Wi-Fi

Without a strong home network, you won’t have a well-running smart home. Wi-Fi needs to be spread across your entire estate with enough bandwidth to handle streaming and smart devices running simultaneously. Better yet, a smart home company can wire essential parts of your smart home to the network, so you don’t have to worry about the whims of Wi-Fi. If you’re building a new house, this is the perfect time to run wiring through walls.

Enjoy More Sophisticated Automation

DIY smart gadgets simply can’t perform more complex commands and automation sequences like a professionally programmed Control4 home can. For instance, imagine walking into the kitchen, and lights turn on automatically thanks to room occupancy sensors. Lights should then turn off shortly after you leave instead of after lengthy periods.

We can do truly incredible things with Control4. Sync security cameras with landscape lighting, automate audio with motorized shades and create custom scenes you’ll activate anytime.

Save Time & Enjoy Quality Results

There’s nothing worse than investing your time and money in a project that doesn’t work. Save yourself the nuisance of figuring out a smart home, and we’ll design, install, and program a high-end system for you. We’re also here to provide any maintenance and monitoring you may need, so if anything is amiss in the future, we’re only a call away. Ready to upgrade your lifestyle with first-class home automation? Contact Symspire here or chat with us below to get started!

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