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Why Are Network Installation Services Essential for Smart Homes?


Protect Your Investment with a High-quality Home Network Installation

If you have multiple internet-connected devices installed in your Nashville-area smart home, chances are, your home network feels some fatigue from all the competing information clogging up your available bandwidth. Can your network currently support the complex requirements of connected A/V, security, lighting and more? A customized network plan that allows you to enjoy all of your favorite capabilities without any lag time or security breaches might be necessary.

With a few adjustments to your system, Symspire’s network installation services can boost your Nashville-area integrated home, preparing it for an extensive home automation system. Ready to see what a robust home network can do for you? Keep reading for some details.

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Strengthen Your Home’s Infrastructure

If you’ve ever noticed a network lag or an interruption to your favorite show, midstream, take heart! We use Pakedge, a Control4 technology, for our networking installations. Pakedge recently revamped their technology for 5x faster internet speeds and even greater optimization of each access point. Pakedge was engineered to the handle high-bandwidth involved in UHD video, 4K movies and whatever else you need to operate a luxurious connected home.

By dividing your network capabilities into distinct zones for audio and video, home automation, security, outdoor and more, Pakedge ensures that no channel gets overcrowded with information. As a result, you get an incredibly low-latency network that you can count on for a diverse set of needs.

Boost Your Security

A high-speed network won’t do you much good if it’s unsecured. Luckily, Pakedge comes with built-in security features like firewalls to protect you from cybercriminals who might try to steal your data.

As part of the zoning configuration we mentioned earlier, Pakedge designates virtual local area networks (VLANs) for guests, too. This capability means that guests can watch movies and stream video in their own zone, further minimizing delay.

Extend Your Coverage Outdoors

Without a network tailored to your outdoor living areas, you’ve probably experienced frustrating lag when you’ve tried to stream a show from the comfort of your patio. Just as you settle into the plot of your movie or the catchiest chorus in a song, the streaming freezes.

You need additional access points outside because WiFi signals struggle to reach through the sturdy walls and glass around houses. We can install weatherproof wireless access points outdoors to enter the spaces where you need additional coverage.

The Pakedge WX series excels in outdoor environments, so you’ll enjoy entertainment outside all summer. In addition to our outdoor Wi-Fi services, we can also add an A/V system outside so you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies from the pool.

Ready to get the most out of your home network? Our network installation services team will ensure a seamless installation that keeps all your home devices running at full speed. Just call us at 615-332-0093, contact us here, or click on the chat box on the lower-right corner of your browser.

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