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4 Strategic Placements for Home Surveillance Cameras


Where to Position Cameras to Secure Your Property – And Why Each Location is Important

“Location, location, location” is the phrase you often heard when scouting out the perfect home here in the Nashville, Tennessee area, but did you know that mantra also applies to your security cameras?

At Symspire, we’ve been installing home surveillance and security equipment locally for decades – long enough to know that even the best camera equipment is ineffective if it’s not positioned to maximize your home security.

Why? As much as we dislike thinking about this topic, some areas in and around your home are more vulnerable than others – meaning, more likely to experience break-ins, porch piracy, vandalism and other criminal activity.

Does your current surveillance camera placement effectively target risk areas and mitigate hazard? Are there any areas where you shouldn’t place cameras? We’ll give you a quick overview of where you should have cameras, and how Symspire can help.

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1) Above Your Front Door

Unfortunately, about one-third of break-ins occur in plain sight, right at your front door. And some criminals have even broken or damaged a camera before trespassing to avoid video coverage. We think one step ahead of them and place our cameras much higher on the front wall.

Not all criminals want to enter your home: Some want to grab packages from your porch before you get to open them. A visible, high-placed camera prevents most criminals from taking your possessions. For optimal protection, video doorbells, such as Control4’s Intercom Anywhere, paired with smart locks, notifies you when your package arrives; lets you speak to the delivery person; and even lets them inside. 

2) Guard All Other Entries

Criminals often choose to invade from side doors, as they think this is a less conspicuous choice that might catch homeowners off guard. Fight back by securing your side doors, back doors and even large pet entries.

Another possible threat involves the garage, whether it’s detached or attached to your home. Many attached garages have a door to your home, and detached garages feel “out of sight, out of mind.”

3) Watch Your Yard

Overlook all activity where children might play with home surveillance cameras that capture most of the yard. You can also monitor any event in your driveway, such as approaching cars, people walking or stray animals.

Have a front gate? Take your security one step further by adding a camera there so you can see any car that approaches. When synched with smart locks, you can allow authorized people in and chat with them through your doorbell system.

4) Don’t Forget Interiors

It’s easy to get caught up discussing all the outdoor opportunities for cameras while forgetting your indoor spaces, too. After all, which camera will catch them if they break into your home?

We recommend protecting any passageways, such as halls and foyers, or main living spaces. Why? Most trespassers wander through common areas as they explore your house. We commonly set up cameras in corners; they optimize coverage by giving you the most expansive view.

Think of large windows as a threat to your property, and consider placing cameras near those too. Someone desperate to break in might see cameras above all the doors and use a window as a last resource.

Places to Avoid Installation

Make sure that any home surveillance camera you install does not point directly at a neighbor’s property. Legally, you can face problems if your camera captures areas where your neighbors expect privacy (for example, if your cameras can see into their bedrooms or bathrooms) or if you use any video footage for non-security purposes.

Also, don’t add cameras to private areas of your own home, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. If you still want to watch your infants, baby monitors let you see your child in real time. And if you’re caring for elderly or differently abled family members, you can implement a medical alert system that backs up to our expert, 24/7/365 service team.

Every home is different and, consequently, has its unique security needs. Symspire details through each home for opportunities to maximize protection. Want to learn more about top-quality home surveillance tools and strategies for your Tennessee home in the Nashville area or beyond?

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-hassle consultation. We look forward to protecting your home and family.

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