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The Top 4 Home Security System Trends Happening Now


Which Hot Trends Should You Take Advantage of This Summer?

Here at Symspire, we work with many clients who want updates to their home security system, which gives us the unique opportunity to present the freshest surveillance and safety trends. We also talk to homebuilders who need the inside scoop on the finest products and systems to show their clients.

If either of the above describes you, Symspire is here to help! Let’s talk about four security trends we’ve seen this year and how they can reinforce safety in homes throughout the Nashville, Tennessee area. You’re about to find out how these trends benefit you, and what Symspire can do to make them a reality in your home or construction projects.

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Trend 1: Remote Arming

Halfway across the globe? Thanks to remote arming, you can still safeguard a property, family and possessions. With remote arming, you can access and control your home security system from the convenience of your personal smart device; arming your system from across the street or across the country, if necessary. With remote access to your home security system, you also can enjoy notifications via text or email, should your system ever detect any unusual behavior.

There’s something so reassuring about tapping one button and guarding your home against anything suspicious. and DMP alarm systems let homeowners arm or disarm your full security suite at a moment’s notice.

Trend 2: Two-Way Voice Communication

Control4’s new Intercom Anywhere feature allows you to not only see video footage of your front door visitor but also communicate with them via two-way voice access. If you’re on the other side of the house when the doorbell rings, you can welcome your guest and tell them you’re on your way. Or, you can integrate smart locks and quickly unlock the door for them remotely.

Even if you’re not at home, your Intercom Anywhere system will alert you of any incoming “calls” from your front door, giving you complete control over who approaches your home. You can also call any room connected with your system.

Video chat and two-way communication help keep you closer to loved ones while giving you an inside look at your home. Whether you want to see what your children or doing or make sure the nanny arrived on time, you can have that power now. Just upgrade Control4’s 4Sight service to get Intercom Anywhere.

Trend 3: 24-Hour Monitoring

24/7 monitoring isn’t anything new to home security. But what about when the power goes out at your home? Traditional security systems suffer from downtime during power outages, but the last thing we at Symspire want is for your home safety to suffer during summertime Tennessee storms.

That’s why we offer battery-powered and cellular backup systems that ensure your home security system truly stays up and running 24/7/365. Symspire also has a full-service emergency team that can assist our customers around the clock. A connection to our central monitoring station greatly augments your security, guaranteeing that multiple people will inspect risk and notify law enforcement on your behalf around the clock.

Trend 4: Leak Sensors

Criminal activity poses dangers, but they aren’t the only threats to Nashville-area homes. Natural gas leaks, such as carbon monoxide, or in-house floods can happen at any time, and you need to know instantly. Symspire installs leak sensors that communicate with the rest of your home control system. At the first sign of a water or gas leak, for example, you will be instantly alerted so you can take quick, necessary action.

Not only can smart leak sensors potentially save from thousands of dollars in home damage, but they also can save lives.

Ready to take advantage of these home security trends for your Nashville-area property? Chat live with our home security experts below or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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