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How Many Security Cameras Do I Need? A Guide for Tennessee Homes


Minimize Blind Spots & Keep Your Property Protected

With today’s smart technology, more homeowners are realizing they can take their security beyond alarms at the front entrance. Surveillance cameras are an increasingly popular residential installation, and as a home security company, we frequently receive these requests.

But if you want to ensure your Murfreesboro, TN home is protected, you’ll need more than a single video doorbell. For instance, what if someone tries to enter your house through the backyard? Or sneak in from the side? You won’t be able to catch that from the front door camera, and by the time they’re at the entrance or window, it may be too late to take action.

We work with homeowners and businesses across Middle Tennessee to safeguard their properties with remote access and monitoring. If you’re considering a new surveillance system, follow our guidelines below to find exactly what you need.

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What Do You Want to See? 

Before you build your security camera system, we need to determine where you’d like to monitor. For instance, a camera at the front entrance may be able to see that there’s a car in front of the house but confirming who’s at the gate will require more than one camera aimed carefully at the driver or license plate.

To start, you may want a camera at the front porch, driveway, front lawn, backyard, both sides of the house, and at the garage or gate. That’s seven cameras, give or take a few, and if you want to add surveillance inside, you can expand with indoor models. Make sure your cameras are placed high enough that a burglar can’t tamper with them and at the eaves of the house for a wider viewing angle.

Don’t Miss the Details

When we install surveillance cameras, we need to consider the viewing angles and any blind spots we may be missing. Motion sensor sizes, lens selections, and height from the ground will impact video coverage. By connecting multiple cameras, you’ll catch more viewpoints and better understand what’s happening on your property.

Now that you’ve got enough cameras, make sure you can see clearly! Night vision cameras and automated landscape lighting help you see video feeds after dark. HD lenses make it easier to distinguish facial features, and with video analytics, your cameras will be able to differentiate between a stranger and your own family.

Sync Multiple Cameras to One System

Surveillance cameras require a lot of data, so we recommend wiring your system rather than using wireless connections. Wired cameras are more reliable, too, since you won’t be dependent on often finicky Wi-Fi. Most cameras use Power over Ethernet, so we’ll run CAT6 wire to your devices.

Even if you use cameras from different manufacturers, your home security company like Symspire can sync them to one system, such as Control4 and Then, on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll quickly pull up footage while you check door locks, sensors, lights, and other home devices.

Whether you need a single doorbell camera or coverage for a multi-acre estate, Symspire has the smart solution for your Murfreesboro home. Reach out to our team here to schedule a free home security consultation today. We look forward to keeping your home safe! 

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