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Dream Big with a Multi-Room Speaker System


Imagine the Possibilities for Your Whole-Home Audio Setup

How do you listen to music at home? Do you usually use headphones or connect your phone to a portable speaker? Maybe you own a turntable and vinyl collection with two-channel audio. Those are fine ways to listen, but what happens when you walk away to another room or upstairs? The music falls out of earshot, and you miss that lively atmosphere.

That’s what makes whole-home audio so valuable. Music follows you wherever you go, and you don’t have to close yourself off from conversations like you would with headphones.

We get excited about multi-room audio because there are so many possibilities to bring to your Gallatin, TN home. Read on to get inspired for your new multi-room speaker system!

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Expand Your Audio Sources  

Whole-home audio can do far more than stream music. We can help assemble a system that makes it easy to switch between various media sources, from the radio to the TV, record player, and even the grand piano. Listen to the game while you walk to the kitchen, and never miss a word of dialogue as you step away from the screen.

In-Wall and Invisible Speakers  

Do you like the idea of multi-room audio but aren’t sure where you’d place hi-fi speakers in every room? You can embrace minimalism with in-wall or invisible speakers installed into the walls of your home. Plus, no wires in sight!

Add a Subwoofer 

When you’re at a music club or seeing a live show, the bass is one of the best parts of the experience. But most speakers aren’t built large enough to adequately play low frequencies. To get that rumbling, delicious bass sound, add a subwoofer to your speaker system. You can still play music at a low level and enjoy the dynamic depth subwoofers add to music.

Spread the Sound Outdoors  

We may call it multi-room audio, but that doesn’t mean it needs to stay confined indoors! Extend your music and podcasts to the outdoors with weatherproof landscape audio. We’ll integrate your outdoor speakers into the home system, so they can all play the same audio in sync.

Automate When Music Plays  

Sometimes we forget how much music can improve our moods. What if your home reminded you? In a smart home system, we can create pre-programmed scenes like “Good Morning” or “Dinner” that automatically adjust the lights, shades, and play select music over your multi-room speakers. Imagine waking up to a soft acoustic playlist flowing through the home. With that, who could ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

Is multi-room audio calling your name? Symspire is your destination for audio-video installations in Middle Tennessee. Contact our team here or chat with us below for a no-obligation consultation. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions!

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