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Builders: 3 Reasons Now Is the Time to Install a Multi-Room Speaker System


Bring modern homebuyers a top-wanted feature!

Nashville-area builders are always looking for ways to enhance their new constructions. No discriminating shopper is looking for a cookie-cutter home, especially now that smart home features are the new normal across Middle Tennessee. Did you know that more than half of residential spaces are expected to be smart in the next couple of years?

That’s good news for entertainment seekers because connected speakers, smart TVs and streaming services integrate with smart home automation systems, like Control4, giving users a luxurious way to control distinct AV zones from one app and play, pause and adjust anytime, anywhere in their home. The downside of all this available technology is that some brave homeowners attempt to install it themselves, leading to miswiring, damaged walls and countless expenses.

Impress your high-value customers by adding multi-room speaker systems. Keep reading to see why now is the right time to convince your clients to try distributed audio.

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Wired Audio Has Perks!

Though we love our Sonos speaker configurations, there’s something about controlling the amplifier and conversion, plus the seamless dependability, that still makes customers choose wired speakers. You can get more audio data through a physical wire than you can through a network. Plus, wired speakers don’t cause as many signal interference issues and don’t stop playing when Wi-Fi fails.

Many clients overlook this option, though, because they don’t want wires trailing around their floors and distracting from their aesthetic. Reassure them that because they’re working with builders and Symspire before the walls go up, all cabling will look discreet or invisible.

End-to-End Convenience

Your clients might know that Control4 is one of the top automation systems in the industry. We at Symspire have noticed that new and experienced platform users never stop finding new and expansive ways to use the system, especially for entertainment. Because you work with us, your clients can partner with a certified Control4 dealer that can show off our collaborative effort and how it improves their lifestyle. Control4 integrates with nearly every conceivable audio brand to deliver top-quality UX and control.

Home for the Holidays

When many homebuyers think of their homes, they envision a place to host meals, invite friends for game nights and throw Halloween and holiday parties that people will talk about later. Though social distancing measures have scaled down some planned festivities, any-sized party would benefit from whole-home audio. Our social butterfly customers love showing guests how their sound systems can play one song throughout the house or a different tune to match the vibe of the room. For example, upbeat music might play where you’re pouring drinks, while calmer music fills the bathrooms.

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