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DIY Home Security Products vs. Professional Home Security Systems


Make the Best Decision When Building Your Home Security System

Every year, we see an influx of DIY home security products flooding big-box stores throughout Central Tennessee. Though we are thrilled about the increased public importance of home security, it’s important that you also are fully educated on the topic before you make the decision of investing in home security. Big-box store options aren’t the only choice available; if you are looking for a genuinely secure way to protect your home, another option exists – a professional smart home security setup from a company like our team at Symspire.

Much like the DIY home security products widely available on the market today, our higher-end home security solutions boast some of the most in-demand features: High resolution, 24/7 remote access, smartphone apps, remote monitoring and more. But we also take extra measures to ensure your property stays safe; using only the most secure and robust brands in the industry. In this blog, we want to educate you about what you should be aware of as you build your home security system in the Franklin area or elsewhere in Tennessee, and how our team can help guide you to the home security solution of your dreams. Learn more in the sections below!

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When Home Security Products Aren’t So Safe

When you install a product that’s meant to shield your family from dangers like criminal activity, fire and chemical leaks, the last thing you want to learn is that your investment isn’t really keeping you protected.

The overarching problem with DIY products is that their manufacturers want to make a profit but haven’t gotten your buy-in regarding your unique needs. They engineer products as though home security is a one-size-fits-all system, not a highly complex, personalized package. We’ll break down some of the issues we’ve seen with DIY products below.

Not-so-Obvious Problems with Home Security Products

When you invest in a DIY home security solution, no one is looking out for you to make sure that your home network is running optimally for your home security products to function, for one thing. If you have a storm, and your internet connection gets lost, where can you turn?

We at Symspire bolster our home security installations with cellular backups and a 24/7/365 monitoring team, meaning your system stays secure always. If we notice any suspicious activity, we respond in seconds by informing law enforcement professionals: Our sense of urgency and professionalism has earned our monitoring station the Five Diamond Certification from The Monitoring Association.

Further, DIY home security products don’t come with the strategic placement that is included with a professional home security installation. You might have an idea of where to place a new smart home security camera, but our team at Symspire knows that every property is different – and we take expert care in providing you with custom insights as to which locations might work best for home security cameras.

Increased Vulnerability

The vast majority of smart home security breaches occur at the application level, which presents issues since many Wi-Fi enabled home security products lack two-factor authentication and SSL/TLS encryption, making them more vulnerable to hacking.

We believe data protection is a significant part of security. As our customer, your identify, privacy and personal information are important to us. We install firewalls, guest networks and multiple authentications into your systems and security products so that valuable information stays safe with you.

Why Symspire?

While we’re trained to see home security holistically, we also look at every detail from your surveillance camera placement to its integrations with other smart home devices to educating our clients about any new technology that emerges. Further, we provide ongoing support long after the installation. For us, it’s all about establishing a relationship because peace of mind begins with trust. Give our team of home security system experts a call or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

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