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3 Key Ways Symspire Customizes Your Home Security Experience


As a Dedicated Security and Surveillance Company, We Build Systems That Function Just for You

At Symspire, we believe that a well-done home security installation without personal touches provides a decent start to securing your home but doesn’t cut it for optimal user experience. Sure, you can feel safe within your four walls trusting that your security company did a fine job with your installation, but can you feel as though they had your best interests in mind?

When it comes to our approach to home security for our clients in the Franklin area and throughout Central Tennessee, customization is in our DNA. In our opinion, anything short of that falls short of what you deserve for yourself and your family. As a dedicated, local security and surveillance company, we go above and beyond to find the perfect solution that not only works well, but works perfectly for you. We detail how in the sections below!

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Custom Security Designs

A custom security and surveillance system looks different for every property; and that’s how we think it should be. An experienced security and surveillance company can identify unique opportunities, as determined by your preferences, and unique challenges, as presented by your property; not just whatever’s trending in the industry.

Customization all starts with scalability. We can always initiate with your top-priority spaces and expand your security system’s scope later. You can start precisely how big or how small you prefer your home home surveillance setup and scale up your services whenever you’re ready.

You can also select your equipment strategically: For example, choose cameras based on specific safety concerns and budget. Add motion sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, motion sensors and more for the earliest detection that something’s awry. Equipment is just one part of the customization process; we’ll also talk with you about ideal placement for more context: We’ll discuss where you want to position your equipment based on your feedback and our research.

Easier Control and Integration

Next, consider your lifestyle needs. Are you often vacationing or traveling for business? Make sure remote monitoring and arming get included in your security suite, so you can manage and view your home from your smartphone. If you have elderly family members who want to enjoy your smart home management, add some voice control or even video doorbells, which gives them full access to the door without moving.

Control4 and – two of our preferred home security control systems – can integrate with hundreds of compatible smart home security devices, from locks to cameras to alarms to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and more. This allows for one-app control for all of your home security and surveillance equipment, elevating the convenience factor of your system.

One-on-One Training Sessions

We don’t expect you to automatically catch on to the intricacies of a smart home security and surveillance system right away – especially not one with multiple cameras, alarms, video, doorbell systems and much more. That’s why we at Symspire set time aside to visit your home and train you on the various technologies included in your custom security and surveillance system.

If you’re looking for a quick demo in the interim, though, we have provided those too. Take a look to see how to operate the systems that we install most commonly, including and Control4.

Get Started Today!

Excited to work with a security and surveillance company that helps you find custom solutions that fit your lifestyle? If you’re ready to take advantage of a custom home security solution for your Franklin-area property, chat live with our home security experts below or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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