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A Few Essentials to Add to Your Custom Security System


What You Need More Than Ever Because of the COVID-19 Crisis

If there was ever a time to invest in your custom security system, this is it. All of us in Hendersonville, TN, and surrounding areas are dealing with added stress and uncertainty because of this new coronavirus pandemic. The last worry we want to add is a nagging feeling that our families aren’t safe.

Though experts have disagreed regarding how this outbreak affects crime, most concur that the mixture of increased alcohol use, paired with job loss and lower emotional stability could very likely incentivize crime, especially burglary and vandalism. What security and surveillance tools are you currently using, and how will they prevent criminal activities?

Similarly, which security tools should you invest in now to get you through this time, that you’ll still appreciate when this epidemic passes? You’ll learn all of this and more below!

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Water Leak and Freeze Detection

We realize that this system is probably not the first that people add to their security suite but hear us out: A water leak detection system and freeze monitor can save the day.

After all, many of us either stockpiled groceries recently or plan to once the stores carry a better selection. These days, finding meat and produce feels like finding lost treasure. Protect any perishable goods by installing a freeze detection system, or a low and high temperature monitoring system to keep your food at a stable temperature. Similarly, a water leak detection device will alert you when any water accumulates in an area where you might store food, preventing mold damage.

Voice Control

When we’re facing a virus, most prefer to be as hands-off as possible. Just as your automation syncs up to voice control, you can manage your security tools by speaking, too. Our preferred home security system,, announced last year that they were teaming up with Amazon Alexa.

How will this function help you? You could be curled up by the TV when an alert pops up on the screen. Maybe someone’s at your door with your takeout order. Just say, “Alexa, open front door” and speak your PIN number to let them in. Similarly, a few words can arm your whole home in seconds if you’re too cozy to get up and manually lock doors and engage your alarm system.

Fast, Secure Networking

Unfortunately, the pandemic outlook looks very unpredictable, with few dependable forecasts regarding the longevity, severity and implications of this crisis. You need to be able to depend on your home network, especially as so much of your life depends on it now.

A strong connection lets your kids attend their video conference classes, allows you to work from home, and lets someone else in your family stream movies. As you might guess, that requires more bandwidth than ISP-built networks can handle. Pakedge ensures that no channel gets overcrowded with information by compartmentalizing your system into zones, including a designated outdoor zone for when you need some pool time or fresh air. As a result, you get an incredibly low-latency network that you can count on for your diverse set of needs.

Security plays an essential role with your network’s increased demands, too. Protect work, school and personal data with built-in security features like firewalls to protect you from cybercriminals who might try to steal your personal data.

Contact Us Today!

If you’re ready to make the commitment to protect your home during this uncertain time, why wait? Industry experts have warned that the pandemic will worsen before improving. Plus, the Symspire team takes stringent CDC guidelines when installing systems. Give us a call, chat live with us below or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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