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Building a New Home? 3 Reasons to Invest in an Alarm System


Optimally Protect Your Home and Family with a Home Alarm Installation!

If you’re in the middle of the arduous home-building process and considering all the elements that you want to include in the installation, we hope you’ve thought about home security. Amid many rapid-fire decisions about the architectural elements, fixtures and design touches you’re adding, it’s easy to forget what will keep it all safe – a robust home security system complete with all the necessary components.

Studies have shown that burglars are 2.7 times more likely to target homes without any safety measures in place. One perhaps underrated but crucial element in any successful installation is an alarm system. Read on for three compelling reasons that a home alarm installation will instill peace of mind while safeguarding your Spring Hill, TN, home.

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A Warning Signal 

The word “alarm” says it all: It alerts you, the criminal and law enforcement that something isn’t right. It urges everyone involved to correct course, and quickly.

It only takes about 60 seconds, on average, for a criminal to invade your home, so you have to take advantage of every spare moment to optimally protect your property, family and possessions. 

Any signal that you’re committed to securing your home can deter someone who was planning to break in: Even the sound of an alarm can send someone running. Pair your alarm system with integrated lighting that flashes as an invader nears, and you have an even more formidable defense. 

Even if someone makes some headway and then hears an alarm, they’ll have even less incentive to act, knowing law enforcement could be on their way. In this way, alarms offer multiple layers of protection that you can’t replicate without them.

Additional, Around-the-Clock Security

An alarm system backs up your home security, so you don’t have to worry about an undetected emergency. 

You want to protect your home and family all day when you’re away and all night when you’re sleeping: Your alarm system acts as the last, essential component of your total security suite. Maybe the motion sensors have triggered and surveillance cameras have begun capturing footage, but what’s next?

At Symspire, we think you deserve to know not only when activity has escalated but also rely on our team when crisis strikes. As soon as an alarm rings, we can inspect the situation from our Nashville office and make sure a law enforcement professional is on the way. 

Protection Against Other Dangers 

Though criminal activity accounts for more dangerous scenarios than we’d like to recount, other risks require a rapid response.

Symspire can set up devices that detect natural gas odors or smoke that triggers your alarm to sound — while also sending an automated alert to your phone. Your integrated alarm system, when connected to our 24/7/365 service line, can also call for professional help in case of fire, natural gas leak or medical emergency.

Plus, a Hidden Benefit 

Who knew that peace of mind could also come with a discount? Simply by adding an alarm system, insurance companies consider your home less liable and are thereby more likely to lower your rates. Consider this: A study by the Electronic Security Association revealed that several of the biggest homeowner insurance companies revealed discounts of up to 20% for properties with monitored home security systems. 

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