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Picture This: A Perfect Summer Saturday With an Outdoor AV System!


What would your day look like if you made this investment?

Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if your Nashville, TN, home were filled with entertainment, inside and out? Where you could venture outside and hear the same beautiful music that you enjoy indoors, or resume your movie on the back patio on a quiet, balmy night?

When you expand your entertainment beyond your four walls, your options become nearly limitless. Do you want to get an idea of how an outdoor A/V system would play out in real life? Keep reading for a brief, enjoyable day-in-the-life of how you might experience this upgrade during a perfect Saturday in August.

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Brighter Mornings 

9 a.m. – You’re starting to become more alert and are prepared to enjoy the day. You make breakfast while dancing around in your kitchen to a lively soundtrack.

Your body starts to wake up as you pour a second cup of coffee. How are you going to occupy this rare, commitment-free weekend? It’s still mild outside, so you wander to the patio with your plate and mug, settle into your comfiest chair and enjoy the morning breeze before the weather heats up. 

When you open your patio door, the music continues in one steady stream. If you implement dedicated outdoor WiFi, you’ll also notice that you won’t experience any buffering delays during your song. That low-latency internet service will come in handy later today, as you’ll find out soon.

Good Afternoons 

12 p.m. – As temperatures steadily rise, some cool water sounds appealing. With durable outdoor speakers installed all around the pool and even inside the water itself, you can stay cool while exploring chill new beats. You take a quick dip in your jacuzzi afterward to relax away any residual tension from a long workweek.

3 p.m. – You love relaxing outside alone, but you might start thinking of friends you haven’t seen in a while and feel restless from lounging around. Invite your inner circle to enjoy your outdoor A/V setup with you! An afternoon of grilling out, swimming and watching the Vols, Commodores or your favorite baseball team on bright outdoor displays awaits you and your company.

Lovely Evenings 

5 p.m. – As your guests arrive, your TV and speakers respond to the “Party” scene you’ve created, activated by one button. You start welcoming people out back to enjoy your new entertainment center. You want to get the party going, so the music expands past the pool and patio and into the landscape speakers we’ve distributed evenly throughout the yard. 

People who wander through your garden or play backyard games like croquette and cornhole can still hear the tunes playing by the pool. With all this A/V equipment comes an increased bandwidth requirement, so make sure you have the network installation to stream music, play video and power lighting at once.

9 p.m. – Some guests with children might slowly taper off, but a festive few will stay around for late-night dancing and drinking (You know who they are!). 

Symspire also specializes in outdoor lighting, so we can add in some landscape lights to liven up the party (and keep your group safe) long after the sun goes down. Now’s the perfect time to turn up the music and enjoy superior sound quality, minus the boominess and uneven dispersion of DIY options.

Entertainment, food and music unite people: Why not use A/V technology to elevate the experience?

Contact Us Today!  

You can still revamp your backyard into a go-to party space before summer’s end, but your fun won’t end there! Tennessee’s warm, mild weather gives you this flexibility to savor your outdoor A/V most months of the year, making it an even more valuable investment: Imagine all your relaxation options this fall, from hosting bonfires to Vol’s Football watch parties! 

Ready to actualize your outdoor living dreams? Chat live with our AV experts below or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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