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4 Reasons You Should Enlist Experts for Your Outdoor AV System


Don’t DIY This Tricky Installation: Here’s Why!

Many people feel torn between staying inside to watch their movies and shows or venturing outside to enjoy the fresh air. Because we’ve covered this topic in previous blogs, you probably know by now that you don’t need to sacrifice either when you get an outdoor AV system for your Hendersonville, TN, home.

After all, you couldn’t find a more ideal time to get a new outdoor AV system if you tried. The weather feels balmy enough for the pool during the day and chilly enough for patio sitting with wine at night. Social distancing measures still limit your activities somewhat, driving you to finish the shows you started while isolating. However, with the restrictions lifting slowly, you’re likely planning your Labor Day soirées and dinner parties now. All of these activities are more fun outside.

So, the most efficient solution is to install an outdoor AV system yourself, right? We have seen countless DIY projects gone wrong during our decades of industry experience, and we don’t want that to happen to you. Keep reading to learn why you’ll likely be disappointed with your AV quality if you don’t use an integrator.

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Wide Dispersion Audio

Simply put, your audio needs are different when you’re outdoors. Sound waves can’t reflect off surfaces as easily when they don’t have four walls to control their direction or intensity.

Outside elements make this environment less predictable than your home theater, too. Instead of a few people sitting inside the middle row, mostly stationary, you might have children running around, strong wind and barking dogs that scatter sound. Robust, wide-dispersion audio projects the sound to the desired areas so that it sounds clear and uninterrupted.

The Right Volume and Scope

Another challenge to master is preventing “boominess” in landscape speakers. You want your audio to sound pristine at all frequency levels. You also want it to cover the desired area without bleeding into the neighbor’s property. No one wants a noise violation. Symspire knows how to place speakers and subwoofers to accomplish both goals: It requires extensive planning about how many speakers we will use and where we will place each one. We’ll also determine how many subwoofers you will need.

Further, we have to consider the environment (Do you have a wall or eaves we can hide speakers in?) and design objectives (Do you prefer natural-looking rock speakers or something more modern and streamlined?). As you can see, outdoor audio involves countless variables create an immense challenge for DIYers.

Ambient Light

Managing light poses another challenge to less-skilled installers. First, you have to find a TV that’s rated for specific lighting levels, but your choices don’t end there. You also need to select the appropriate brand and size. Symspire will help you filter through all these specifications to determine the most suitable product for your outdoor space.

Even more choices open up if you’re considering an outdoor projector. Ambient light rejecting screens are made from a material which better negates the washout effect from surrounding light. Even in a dark home theater, a projector screen might show some washout effect from its own light projection. ALR screens are better able to accommodate more ambient light indoors, which ultimately makes them ideal for outdoor applications.

Networking Needs

How many times have you watched a favorite show, only to have it skip or buffer during an important line? You need to take even more special care outdoors to ensure a robust network. Exterior walls block Wi-Fi signals, meaning that you can’t trust your indoor router to transmit information, even if it’s sitting close to your patio or outdoor theater. You’ll need carefully positioned outdoor access points and devices that stand within their line of sight.

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Do you want to enjoy quality time with your family outdoors? The secret is a reliable, meticulously designed outdoor AV installation from Symspire.

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