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Forward-Thinking Ways to Enhance Your Custom Security System


Get More From Your Home Security, Right When You Most Need It

The year 2020 has proven how unpredictable the world can be, and interest in custom security systems and related products keeps climbing. As a home security company that’s laser focused on tailoring our installations to clients, we encourage you to invest in a system that is customized to meet all your current needs and is scalable enough to anticipate future objectives. You can’t easily accomplish both goals when you DIY an out-of-the-box solution.

A couple of years ago, we wouldn’t have been able to predict that so many sweeping changes would affect the Thompson’s Station community, the state of Tennessee or the world at large. But we also wouldn’t have seen so many exciting developments coming to the security industry to help mitigate this uncertainty. Read on to see what’s ahead and how you can upgrade your security and surveillance gear now.

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More Intelligent Video

Can capturing criminals start at home? A study of U.S. households by Parks Associates revealed that homeowners value the ability to capture incriminating video images even higher than a faster police response.

It’s a good thing that video is growing more intelligent. In the past, you had to sift through hours of footage to identify events. With video analytics and machine learning, your cameras become smart enough to recognize specific objects, people, dogs, vehicles, etc. Let’s say you are missing a package and want to investigate. First, you check to make sure that the package arrived. Video analytics will search for a delivery truck, and show you evidence that the package was dropped on your porch.

But let’s say you suspect porch piracy. Survey all activity around your porch since the delivery truck arrived, and new video surveillance equipment is smart enough to rule out authorized guests, family members and animals. If you find the thief, you now have concrete evidence to show authorities.

Smarter Speech

As many of you using voice control technology may know, you have to speak reasonably specific commands to elicit a response. Natural language processing will change that soon. You now have to say “Arm the alarm system” as you’re walking out the front door, but smarter speech recognition will understand a phrase like “Leaving!” as you hurry out.

Medical Alert Systems

Living with elderly or disabled people who might need medical assistance? Adding a medical alert system can eliminate the worry that an emergency might happen without anyone nearby to help. Your family member can hit a panic button to speak to someone immediately and receive emergency care if needed.

Contact Us Today!

Even as technology changes, there are some standards that likely will not change soon. Industry-recognized designations like a Control4, Crestron or CSAA Five Diamond Certification make customers trust a product or company more. We at Symspire strive for the highest standards, which is even more important when installing more complex technology that you’ll use for a lifetime and expand as new products emerge.

We’d love to start building a custom home security system that can reinforce your protection with alarms, cameras, sensors and more. Contact one of our specialists at 615-332-0093 or by chatting live with us below to initiate your hassle-free, no-charge consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!

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