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How Surpasses Basic Surveillance Camera Installations


See all the options you have with as an all-in-one solution!

We could refer you to a few blogs we’ve already written about’s robust surveillance options. After all, that is one of their claims to fame within the industry. But did you know that you could implement as a standalone solution for everything security, including alarm equipment, controls, cameras and more?

At Symspire, we choose our partner technology brands carefully for their quality, flexibility and ease of use, and is no exception. Keep reading to see some diverse offerings offers homeowners and what you should know about each one.

Whether you just want to pick out a few elements to implement in your surveillance camera installation, or you want your Hendersonville, TN, home fully decked out with their security suite, we at Symspire want you to know all your options. Explore’s various solutions below and let us know which devices you’d like to try in your home.

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Every Style of Surveillance is well known for their home surveillance integration, but you might not know that they create corresponding cameras as well. They manufacture various camera models – such as domes, bullets and turrets – depending on the individualized needs of front doors, side entries and more.

They also create cameras for more modern applications, such as the increasingly popular video doorbells and home intercom systems. has you covered whether you want a notification that a package arrived or want to chat with a relative before letting them inside.

Expand Beyond Surveillance

Alarm.Com also incorporates a lot of additional smart security and automation features that go beyond your initial surveillance camera installation. Among them are smart thermostats that regulate energy use and sensors that protect you from environmental threats.

No one enjoys the sudden spike in energy costs associated with extreme summer and winter temperatures, but’s HVAC solution includes built-in provisions that look at daily weather predictions and respond accordingly. For example, if we’re predicting record-high temperatures, your energy management system will gradually cool the house to prepare for the hot day without shocking your system and driving up costs.

No matter the event, products have been recognized for their proactive approach to keeping environmental risks at bay. For example, if your integrated sensors suspect a dangerous carbon monoxide leak or fire, not only will your alarms start sounding, but your trusty security suite will shut off your HVAC to halt harmful fumes from circulating. It will also automatically unlock doors for an easier evacuation for the entire family.

Native Smart Home Control and Automation

Smart home security means smarter home automation. With real-time data from the security sensors and connected devices around your home, can understand your activity patterns and act quickly. If any emergency occurs, we know you’ll be glad you made this investment: It’s hard to think rationally during an emergency, so why not let your whole-home security step in and take necessary action?

Even in non-emergency situations, you’ll enjoy the system’s intelligence and remote access: uses machine-learning algorithms to detect your usual pattern and alert you if something looks off.

Do you leave your home at 8:15 every morning, like clockwork?’s mobile phone app will send you a notification to make sure you locked the door, turned off the lights, closed the blinds and anything else you need to cover your security bases. Best of all, you can access your app from anywhere to see camera footage, view who rang the doorbell or unlock the door for the nanny.

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