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How Symspire Helps Our Clients With Residential Electric Services


We Do More Than Just Smart Home Services and Security

Though many of our discussions on our blog revolve around services such as security and surveillance, smart home automation and home audio video, did you know that Symspire also takes care of day-to-day residential electric services to enhance your Tennessee home?

Why is this important? Proper electric wiring serves as the baseline for all your home’s electrical capabilities and protects your home from unexpected costs and future repairs. That’s why we believe it’s vital that your home’s electricity is configured correctly, especially if you plan to add more wired installations later.

Electricians recognize the parts of your home that most people will never see and understand its inner workings. Our electricians have been trained to notice potential problems before they begin to protect you and your family. We’re famous for our attention to home security, and we bring that passion to every project, including electrical services. Keep reading to see what we deliver to clients like you in the Hendersonville area and beyond.

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Keeping Up With Building Codes

Most residential construction requires inspections and permits, many of which follow strict guidelines. That’s why it’s helpful to have a professional electrician there to do the heavy lifting even before a home technology installation occurs. As we stated in a previous blog, “Experienced electricians uncover issues and deficiencies before you begin your project to relieve you of headaches and unplanned costs in the future.”

Symspire configures lighting, fans and other fixtures to complete your home – but not until we’ve done our research on what we can and can’t do within the building. We perform these services with your home’s safety in mind during detail-oriented processes from wiring to opening walls – all while following building codes.

Illuminating Your Home

Lights do not fall into the “one size fits all” category. As you’ve seen from how Symspire installs smart lighting, we brighten rooms differently based on factors such as windows, light exposure, the purpose of the room and much more. We will consult with you about your style and lighting preferences, show you fixtures that might fit and evaluate your choices. Whether you’ve been eyeing a gorgeous chandelier for your living room or funky floor lights to your media room, we have the interior design expertise to bring your vision to life.

Next, we’ll look at selections of bulbs. For example, have you considered updating your outdated incandescent lighting for the more energy-efficient LED lighting? Whether or not you’re installing smart lighting, the warmth of coolness of the bulb you use impacts the room’s setting, and we’ll help you choose equipment that looks stylish while suiting the room’s mood and function. For example, a home office might require a cool light for concentration, while a warmer light might help you relax in your bedroom. We’ll handle the wiring to ensure that your light fixtures perform properly in your new house.

Caring for Older Homes

Retrofitting homes requires some fine-tuning. When a fixture stops working or a wire misfires in an older home, it takes a professional, experienced company to prevent potentially dangerous mishaps. Our expert team of electricians can fix wiring issues to prepare your home for a future of innovation.

Creative Outlets

A common problem exists, especially in older homes: a need for more electrical outlets. What’s a homeowner to do? Symspire can retrofit your home with more outlets so that you can stop stretching those cords halfway across the room.

Continued Support

At Symspire, we promise to be there for our customers, from our 16-second alarm monitoring response time to our guarantee of ongoing support. As the Hendresonville area’s premier providers of residential electric services, we will answer the call whenever you’re having electrical issues or concerns, or have considered adding useful, stylish fixtures to your home.

Do you need high-quality residential electric services? We can’t wait to meet and see what we can do for your home and family.

Just call us or contact us here to schedule a hassle-free consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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