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4 Ways to Save Electricity This Holiday Season


Save Money on Lighting and Heating Your Nashville, TN Home

Do you know how much you paid last year to light your Nashville home during the holiday season? Because of the prohibitive costs (and environmental damage) involved, so many people hold off on holiday decorating. What if we told you that you could save enough this year that you could splurge on holiday lighting and spread a little holiday cheer? Find out below four ways you can save electricity this holiday season through our residential electric services here in the Nashville area.

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Lead the Way With LEDs

LED Christmas lights will help you save on electric bills. The Department of Energy has found that they burn 70 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Don’t you hate when you’re looking at your holiday lights, and you can’t help but fixate on the few lights that have died? With LED lighting, that won’t happen again. These bulbs also last much longer, so you won’t need to replenish your supply every year.

Light on Time
You don’t need your holiday lights on all day, every day, so consider lighting timers or automated lighting to save money. Year-round benefits of lighting automation included security benefits, so your investment will serve you into 2019 and beyond.

Whether you have string lights, lit-up displays or sound effects, timers might save some money. Though it probably doesn’t seem like timers would make much difference, it has been estimated that lighting a large Christmas tree for 12 hours per day for 40 days costs about one quarter with LED lighting – and a whopping $10 with traditional bulbs.

No More Energy Vampires

Power strips help when you have multiple needs for an outlet, and your wall outlets aren’t up to the task. When you have electric trains, tree lighting, twinkly garlands and more lovely holiday decorations, you’re going to need one place for many outlets.

More importantly, they prevent the energy drains, or “standby power” that traditional wall outlets create because when you turn off a power strip, you’re not leaking any energy. According to recent studies, standby power slowly adds up, accounting for 5-10 percent of the average American’s electrical spending.

Control Heating Costs

You will want your guests to be comfortable, so with visitors in your home, you’ll probably crank the heat to accommodate them. Unfortunately, this means you’ll see some bigger electrical bills.

If you turn down your heat a few degrees while you’re at work, the Department of Energy estimates that you will save about 10 percent of energy costs per year. Even better, consider a programmable thermostat, like Nest, and you can set up a personalized heating program that works just for you. You can monitor the temperature from your smartphone, in case you forgot to turn off the heat before you left the house.

Deck the Halls

With a few adjustments, you’ll enjoy a holiday home that only looks decadent. Our team at Symspire is ready to help prepare your home as Nashville’s local residential electric services expert.

Ready to get started saving on electricity costs? Reach out to one of our experts by filling out our online form or by chatting live with a team member below.

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