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DIY vs. Professional Home Security Installations: What to Know


How Sympsire’s Services Outperform Any DIY Home Security Installation

We live in an age in which DIY home security equipment has become mainstream. While they may carry the benefit of being purchased from a nearby store, do-it-yourself security systems fall far behind in most vital categories. Homeowners agree: A study by says that nearly 80 percent of homeowners prefer a professional installation for their safety and peace of mind.

You owe it to your family to enlist professional installers to help you mitigate as many risks as possible. We have earned our reputation from years of working in the industry and becoming a trusted home surveillance and security installation company in the Nashville, TN area. We are proud of our 24/7/365 service and lightning-fast alarm monitoring response time in case of emergency.

Keep reading to see the benefits of a professional home security installation by Symspire!

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Experienced Installers = No Hassle

You don’t need to worry about individually selecting and purchasing each home surveillance component, and you don’t need to worry about undertaking a potentially complex installation project yourself. By choosing a professional home security installer, you’ll save a substantial amount of time and headache.

Speaking of headaches, let’s talk about the worst-case scenario of DIY: What if you break the device or install it incorrectly, and you’re left with an unusable device? Even worse, what if you damaged your home’s infrastructure?

We have researched the highest-quality brands for your home and are experts with our choice partners’ product suites. We are professional, experienced installation professionals who know how to open walls and create home surveillance and security masterpieces within your home.

Support Doesn’t Stop After Installation

Warranty claims? Issues post-installation? We have you covered! Symspire is standing by to provide solutions any time something crops up. Remember, we also staff a team of electricians who know how to work with your fixtures in case of electrical difficulties.

Our comprehensive, remote monitoring services lets your property stay secure 24/7/365. We can synch up your home alarm system with our Five Diamond Certified central alarm station so that if something goes wrong around your home, we’ll evaluate the situation and, if necessary, send law enforcement professionals to assist, with an average response time of just 16.6 seconds.

Symspire security systems fully support you even during inclement weather. In case of a power outage, we keep your security system running, so your faulty connection never interrupts your family’s safety. We can also inform you of natural gas leaks or any other potential danger through installing air quality sensors, as well.

Our Standard of Excellence

Why choose Symspire? We use the same encryption services as the White House to ensure your highest level of support, so there’s no question that we invest in quality. Our Five Diamond Certification from The Monitoring Association also demonstrates our commitment to keeping you and your family safe.

Furthermore, if you trust a professional like Symspire, we guarantee a personalized approach to your home security setup. This means that you can control who has access to which security systems, who can view your home remotely and more. We also encourage adding more security features later, such as smart lighting and locks, and we consult you and examine your home’s needs to come up with an entirely customized home security solution optimized for your property.

The Nashville Advantage

Can your average DIY home surveillance installation do everything we just described? We doubt it. We’re Nashville locals, so we understand the neighborhoods, the weather and all those other seemingly small details that give us an advantage when installing the proper equipment for your home.

If you value your family’s safety, it makes sense to work with the area’s most dedicated home security professionals. Get in touch by calling us 615-332-0093, or reach out to one of our live chat representatives on the bottom right of your screen.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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