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Middle Tennessee’s Best Security Installations Demand a Forward-Thinking Approach. 

When you’re working with a custom security system installer like Symspire, you owe it to yourself to get the most from our services. We are inventive – continually looking for new ways to improve your experience, enhance your security and innovate our security concepts. Because we’re not stuck in our ways, you probably won’t end up with the same system as your Spring Hill neighbors.

Take advantage of this opportunity by adding unique features that maximally benefit you as well as a couple of ideas that could make your security solution stand out. Curious? Keep reading below to see what we recommend and learn about all the extra contingencies we add to your security suite.

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Security, No Matter What

Cellular Backups – As smart home installers, we can’t stress the importance of a robust network enough. It connects your smart home and gives you access to unlimited entertainment. But in the rare instance that your network fails, or you experience a power outage, we never want your security system to lose reliability. Symspire’s cellular backups give you the uninterrupted surveillance and monitoring that you deserve. This security reinforcement operates without wires and on a dedicated cell network, completely independent of your landline or internet connection.

Local Video Recording Storage – You’ll never lose a second of vital footage with our local video storage system. Our cameras upload everything to a Stream Video Recorder, or SVR, to give you more data security than strictly cloud-based storage models. If you use’s SVR system, you’ll see a timeline of events that took place in various rooms and areas of your home. You can download this footage or view it live from a connected smartphone app. To keep your files even safer, we back up your data to the cloud.

Elevate Your Installation

Sensors – Some of the most dangerous threats to your home aren’t people at all. Natural gas leaks, floods and fires occur out of the blue, including when you’re miles away from home. You’re never helpless. When environmental risks strike, the sensors throughout your house trigger the alarm system right away, alerting you, neighbors and law enforcement immediately. Also, our high-tech occupancy sensors can identify the difference between intruders and pets, minimizing false alarms.

Control4 “Mockupancy”- Criminals watch for unoccupied homes. They’ve studied the many signs – mail piling up, lights off, no music playing – anything that differs from the usual. A Control4 fake occupancy scene, also called a “mockupancy,” confuses criminals with its lifelike simulation of your schedule. Symspire can custom-program your scene based on when you typically wake up and go to sleep, watch TV, listen to music, etc.

Medical Alert Systems – Do you live with elderly or disabled people who might need medical assistance? Adding a medical alert system can eliminate the worry that an emergency might happen without anyone nearby to help. Your family member can hit a panic button to speak to someone immediately and receive emergency care if needed.

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You’ve seen some possibilities we can introduce to your home and how we’re different: Which of these benefits or ideas would you like to explore firsthand? Let us know during a hassle-free consultation! How do you get started? Call us today at (615) 332-0093, fill out our contact form or leave a message in the chat box in the corner of your browser.

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