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Minimize Your Worries This Holiday Season


A Symspire Security System Ensures Your Home’s Safety While You’re Away

With the bustling holiday season coming up, it’s possible that you’ll be leaving your home for extended periods of time. As you visit friends and family – whether here in Tennessee or across the country – knowing that your house is left empty and unattended can be a stress on your vacation.

Don’t let your property’s safety be a concern for you during this joyful time with your loved ones. With a top-notch and local security and surveillance company like Symspire on your side, you’ll know without a doubt that your house is taken care of while you’re away.

Keep reading below to see how our smart security system features and technologies can keep your home in the Franklin area secure while you and your family celebrate this time together.


Surveillance Cameras Keep a Watchful Eye

Once you’re off to a family reunion or a friends’ gathering, your empty house can be a primary target for thieves. That’s why strategically-placed surveillance cameras all over your property are a key solution to giving you needed peace of mind while you’re gone.

We can help set up these cameras to capture every last corner of your space, meaning there won’t be any area of your home left to uncertainty – if your smart cameras detect unusual motion, you’ll instantly be in-the-know through an automated push alert sent directly to your smartphone or email.

And checking in on your home’s surveillance system has never been easier! As you eat a holiday meal with family, you can whip out your smartphone and view your surveillance footage in real-time. Choose to see your patio or your front yard in between conversations and that second helping of mashed potatoes.

Adjust the camera, zoom in, pan to the left or right, and save videos right from your phone – it’s that hassle-free.

And in the event you get one of those automated alerts, you can quickly take the proper action. Just open your system’s smartphone application to view live camera footage. Quickly assess how serious a situation is and alert the appropriate authorities directly from the app, if needed.

Set the Away Scene with Lighting Control

Since burglars are on high alert during the holiday season and your unoccupied home can sure draw attention – it’s wise to make your house look lived-in while you’re on your trips.

Your home lighting control and shading system can help with that. When you set your system to “away” mode, your lights will turn on and off and your motorized shades will raise and lower sporadically throughout the day – simulating your everyday routines and actions. You also can automatically schedule for your outdoor landscape lights to switch on at sunset to further mimic an occupied appearance.

This solution can be effective at deterring any intruder before he or she even makes a burglary attempt. Any unassuming eye that could be staking out your house will see that “somebody” is home – and will steer clear.

For added security, if an intruder does attempt to break in, then your alarms can sound in conjunction with lights flooding that area – scaring any unwanted guests away.

But what if you’re away from your phone or can’t take the proper action right away in the event of a break-in? Well, our team at Symspire is here to help. With our local best-in-class security monitoring services, we can respond to any alarm at your house with just a 16.6-second response time, on average.

Control Who Enters Your Home with Smart Locks

Want someone to come check in on your pets or plants and to bring in your mail while you’re gone for the holidays? Make it simple for everyone involved by installing smart locks.

You can manage your system right from your phone and unlock your doors for your friends dropping by your house. View your surveillance camera footage to see who is at your door, or give them a code to enter without any action from you needed each time.

Every time your smart lock-equipped door opens, you can receive an email or push notification, so you always stay in-the-loop on what’s happening back at home.

With additional smart locks throughout the house, it’s easy to keep certain rooms inaccessible to unwanted guests. Just unlock the necessary areas with a tap of a button on your smart device.

Don’t let this festive season be a stressful one. If you’re travelling this holiday season, working with Symspire – the Franklin area’s leading local security and surveillance company – can give you much needed peace-of-mind!

Want to learn more about the features of our home security and surveillance system solutions?

Contact us here or chat live with us below to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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