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Take Care of Your Home Network Before the New Year!


Have you ever settled into your home after a long day of work, hoping to binge-watch your favorite TV shows? Maybe you understand the frustration of the following scenario: Just as something exciting or amusing happens, the streaming service freezes, and you have to wait for your internet service provider to fix your network.

Unfortunately, this does happen when homeowners lack the secure network they need to keep up, but our network installation services provide a more permanent solution than an internet service provider can give you at your Tennessee home in the Spring Hill area or beyond. We’ll explore the importance of a secure network in this blog, including an aspect that installation professionals don’t discuss nearly enough.

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Router Reach and Room to Grow

The familiar wireless router fails miserably to stretch internet connection through our homes. Standard routers only cover a 150-foot radius within your house, hardly enough for a medium-to-large home. If you are experiencing internet dead zones in some areas of your house, poor Wi-Fi coverage could be to blame. We recommend adding wireless access points to those areas of your property that you currently experience poor Wi-Fi coverage.

These wireless access points are hardwired to your network and can extend Wi-Fi signal to those areas of your property that you experience poor internet connection – ensuring that every corner of your house enjoys top-tier internet speeds. Finding those ideal locations for wireless access points involves an expert installer like Symspire. We can help diagnose the weaknesses within your current network and develop a plan that optimizes performance throughout your property.

Too Much Information

Information overload can happen when one person streams a movie in one room, and someone else is streaming Pandora or watching funny YouTube videos in another. Too many competing devices confuse a sluggish network, but we can give your home the bandwidth it needs to conquer every internet-connected task. Not only do we use Ruckus and Pakedge technology to upgrade the routers or wireless access points at your home, but we also can communicate with your internet service provider to increase bandwidth at your property – ensuring that you have enough available to support your home’s internet-usage demands.

Keeping Your Internet Safe

Having internet service cover your entire property can’t enhance your life quality if that network isn’t safe. A stable home system should include built-in firewall protection to keep your files and information secure from hackers. We can also help you set up guest networks to improve network privacy and ensure that each network is password-protected so that strangers don’t have easy access to your internet connections.

Internet, Keeping You Safe

When we discuss networks, we often mention entertainment that consumes our bandwidth, like 4K streaming or internet-browsing, but we also need to note how a slow network affects security features. We believe that home security comes first for our customers. We never want to see a customer lose access to vital safety components due to something as avoidable as slow internet service.

That’s why we are committed to providing you a robust system that facilitates your home’s smartest security features. As the Nashville area’s leader in residential safety and surveillance, we aim to boost your network so that your security devices always have the bandwidth required to operate efficiently – especially when they aren’t hard-wired.

Are you ready to transform your home network’s capabilities ahead of the new year? If you have questions, chat live with us below 

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