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5 Tips to Keep Your Security System Secure


Trust the Experts at Symspire To Keep Your Home Safe 

As your local Gallatin-area security specialist, we write about home surveillance and alarm systems frequently to help homeowners. We take pride in our efforts to provide innovative solutions that help you keep your property safe and provide you peace of mind.

Security systems require much more than simply mounting a few cameras, though. We have a few tips to offer that will provide superior protection and deter potential incidents on your Tennessee property. Read on below to learn five things you should do with your smart security camera system to keep your home and loved ones safe. 

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1. Encryption

Smart security systems frequently connect to your home network. This means your system is vulnerable to cyber hacking if it is not adequately secured, just like any other network connection. Symspire technicians use WPA and WPA2 encrypted data networks to ensure your system is protected from prying eyes. To go a step further, you can utilize two-factor identification to log into your security apps. When you sign in, you’ll receive a text alert with a security code that will act as a second layer of login protection. 

2. Stay Up to Date

With high-performance products from incorporated into your security system, your equipment receives automatic firmware upgrades. Your system runs at its peak performance nonstop and is secured thanks to the latest updates.

3. Avoid Private Spaces

The placement of your security cameras is important. Indoors, you should avoid installation in private areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms. This ensures family and guests’ privacy is protected, especially in the case of a cyber breach. Data thieves should not have access to your most personal spaces. 

4. Know the Law

It is important to know the surveillance laws in your region. However, even if it is legal, it’s not usually a good idea to point your outdoor cameras at a neighbor’s property. Why? Because a neighbor may feel like you’re spying on them, or you may accidentally point your cameras toward a bedroom window. Our security system experts ensure your camera configuration abides by community guidelines while also respecting your neighbors’ privacy and protecting your property. 

5. A Dedicated Network

Because our technicians are security and networking specialists, they can optimize your system, so security breaches don’t result in the rest of your personal devices being compromised. A network designed solely for your security components and not the other smart devices in your home adds an additional layer of protection. 

Your smart security camera system doesn’t need to be basic or vulnerable. Connect with us using our online form to get started on protecting your property in innovative ways! 

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