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Protect Your Residence with Our Full Suite of Home Security Services

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Access Security Services Conveniently on Your Smartphone

A peaceful night of rest is only possible when you feel 100% confident in your home’s security protections. At Symspire, we take home security seriously. We are a third-generation business that leverages technology and thoughtful strategy to protect people and property across Middle Tennessee. We offer a comprehensive suite of home security services and deliver them with friendly and professional assistance to help you feel more secure in your home in the Nashville, TN, area. Continue reading to learn more about the suite of home security services available through Symspire.

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Smart Security and Alarm Systems

Symspire's home security services suite starts with smart security and comprehensive alarm systems. These systems provide real-time alerts for any perceived threats, allowing you to check in on your property from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. With this smart system, you can manage access for dog walkers or service professionals to enter your home while away, and you can remotely greet and let in guests while finishing up a quick task in the basement. A smart security system is a great way to stay connected to your home from anywhere, anytime.

Surveillance and Automated Door Locks

High-performance surveillance cameras offer high-quality resolution to give you a clear and detailed view of your property from any device. You can ensure that only approved guests can enter your home when paired with automated door locks. Automated door locks replace traditional keys and can be opened with a mobile app or access code to add a layer of convenience and security to your home. 

Fire/Life Safety and Environmental Detection

Symspire's fire and life safety measures actively monitor for hazards like heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide, while environmental detection systems guard against water damage by detecting leaks early. These proactive and smart solutions are designed to protect your home and family from unexpected disasters.

24-Hour Monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring ensures your home is always under a watchful eye, with humans ready to dispatch first responders in case of an emergency. We offer continuous monitoring, accessible via a dedicated app, to give homeowners complete control and instant notifications about your property's status.

Accessibility via Smartphone

One of the most convenient features of our home security services is the accessibility and control you get through smartphone integration. You can easily manage your home's security from your device, with the capability to lock doors, monitor surveillance, and receive timely alerts. This convenience means that peace of mind is just a tap away, no matter where you are.}

For Nashville and Middle Tennessee homeowners, the full suite of home security services offered by Symspire is a smart investment in the safety and security of your home and family. Consider using our easy-access range of services designed to address a wide variety of home security needs. Contact us for more information about how Symspire can help you rest easier.

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