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Keep an Eye on your Home with Video Monitoring


You may have a security system, but do you have the security of knowing that everything is safe? With video monitoring, you can keep an eye on what is happening in your home no matter where you are. At Symspire, we offer intelligent home security that gives you remote access to all the systems in your home.

We know that the main point of a security system is to protect your home from outside intruders. But video monitoring gives you an added layer of security in many other ways too.

You can keep an eye on…

  • Entrances and exits – With video monitoring, you can see when someone is at your door or when your kids get home from school. You can see if your daughter brought home her boyfriend or if your son decided to throw a party while you were gone. You can also see if that package you were waiting for was delivered.
  • The systems – Even when you are away, you can adjust the temperature to keep pipes from freezing or just make sure that the house is cool when you walk in on a summer day. Even if you see a burglar enter your home, just turning on the lights remotely can be a deterrent. You can even turn on the security alarm in case you forget.
  • Pets – Being at home alone all day is hard for pets, and it’s hard for the owners to be away. You get peace of mind when you can check on yours any time during the day.

With our systems, you have access to all the video feeds on your device, so you can see what’s happening any time. Even if you miss something, the recorded clips allow you to go back and see what happened. We help you keep an eye on everything that you care about from anywhere so that you can KNOW what’s happening at your house any time.

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