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Elevate Your Clients’ Interior Design with Home Technology Integration


Here’s How Smart Technology Can Boost Your Interior Design Efforts

As an interior designer, you might not be thinking about home automation or smart technology in terms of the benefits you can bring to a homeowner’s space. But the best part about these innovative smart solutions is that they can enhance any room’s functionality – without hindering your design efforts.

With top-notch home technology integration from Symspire’s team of professionals, your clients will get the smart home of their dreams – and you’ll have the freedom and ability to create the right design setup and boost the aesthetics of any space.
Keep reading below to see how smart technology integration can not only maintain your interior design plans for your projects here in the Nashville area but also can take them to the next level.

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Integrated Lighting & Shading Solutions

Lighting and shading are two integral parts of any interior design project you might work on. But what if, with a push of a button, you can give your clients access to the perfect look for their space?

With an integrated technology solution, you can program lighting and shading scenes for any occasion – whether you want to craft the perfect interior design environment for dining or you simply just want to show off your efforts. Your clients can then access these scenes through wall-mounted keypads or their own smartphone or tablet.

Perhaps the homeowner owns a piece of artwork or a picture frame that you want to make the centerpiece of a room. A spotlight lighting fixture or LED track lighting can draw the eye to it instantly. But by giving your clients easy access to showing off their room’s best features, such as through an accessible wall-mounted keypad, they can make the most of your interior design efforts.

Our team of home technology integration experts can help you program lighting and shading scenes for any occasion your clients might want one for. So, if they simply press the “morning” scene option in the master bedroom as they wake up – their shades can rise and the interior lights can adjust to create the perfect balance of light in your client’s space.

With an integrated lighting and shading system, smart technology works to enhance your interior design efforts – not hinder it.

Controlling the system is easy and doesn’t impede on any design elements, either. There are a variety of wall panels and keypads to choose from for each room, with different colors and finishes that complement a variety of surrounding wall colors. They won’t detract from your design efforts but still will be easily accessible for your clients.

Best of all, your clients can easily use an integrated lighting and shading system. Although maneuvering in-wall keypads or a mobile control application can be intuitive, our team can help train them on their technology so that they can make the most of their system – and your interior design efforts.

Audio-Video Components

If you’re focused on bringing the best-possible look to your client’s space, lingering black boxes and remotes next to the TV or wires protruding from a mounted television can detract from your efforts. If they have a multi-room audio system, source components can also sometimes be scattered throughout the house.

With a home technology integration solution, we can organize and keep equipment hidden away in one centralized rack location so that there won’t be unnecessary clutter and obtrusive gear taking up the space and ruining your design plans. We’ll program the system so that your clients can use one universal remote or their mobile control application to manage any speaker or television throughout their house.

An integrated system means there aren’t a dozen remotes laying around or wires and cable boxes all around the room. You can complete your setup and continue with your plans without the hindrance of A/V boxes and remotes scattered throughout the house.

Home technology integration won’t hinder your interior design efforts – but instead it can add to them and advance them. We know you want to deliver your clients your best-possible interior design efforts. Our team is here to help you make that happen.

If you would like to find out more about Symspire’s home technology services and our partnerships with the interior design community here in Nashville, please give us a call or fill out our online contact form! Our team would love to hear from you.

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