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Looking for a Home with Brains?


A Smart Home Designer Will Turn Your House into a Place of Genius!

Can you imagine instantly becoming smarter at the press of a button? 

It’s too bad science is not there yet for humans, but with the right technology in place, your home could be a place of genius today! 

At Symspire, we understand the important role a smart home designer plays in creating effective technology systems. Having served Nashville, TN, since 1968, we know the brands and solutions that smart homes need to become more intelligent and help elevate your daily lifestyle. 

So, if you are looking for a smarter home, here are three ways a professional designer can help you get the most out it. Keep reading below.

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Integrated & Seamless Systems

Homeowners often underestimate the challenge of selecting, installing, and programming the right brands and devices into their smart homes. Without a professional’s expertise, it’s overwhelming! A smart home designer like Symspire partners with companies like and DMP to provide surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and access control solutions. We also partner with Control4, the global leader in home automation, to bring many devices together into one comprehensive, easy-to-use system.

HiFi Audio & Video on Demand

AV systems are the pride and joy of most smart homes. The home theater, for example, is the place we like to brag about to friends and family every time they visit. But there’s much more that occurs behind the scenes and pre-installation when it comes to home entertainment design.

Is your space better suited for a large TV or a motorized screen and a ceiling-mounted projector? Do floor speakers work, or would you prefer the subtlety of in-wall and in-ceiling options? A smart home designer can answer these questions, plus several other questions and considerations you probably hadn’t thought about!

Whether your new media room has loads of ambient light or your outdoor kitchen needs an entertainment upgrade, our team has extensive experience with the latest and most reliable smart home technologies, such as automated shades, high fidelity speakers, distributed video, and more!

Professional Installation & Support 

Once every system has been designed and every product purchased, there is no substitute for a professional installation. 

From wiring infrastructure and networking to fine-tuning each speaker in your new surround sound system, a premier smart home designer will go over every detail with you and other project stakeholders such as home builders, designers, and architects. 

If you are looking for expert assistance to make your smart home smarter, contact us so we can design and integrate all your technology systems. 

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