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The Role of a Security Consultant


What Can a Security System Consultant Do for Your Business?

There are dozens of commercial security consultants in Franklin throughout Middle and Eastern Tennessee, and every one of them claims to know what they are doing. But do they? Selecting the right consultant, installer, and integrator to help keep your business protected can be a daunting task and something most business owners don’t have the time for. At Symspire, we take away the hassle of finding a security system consultant and offer the peace of mind that comes from years of experience and hundreds of references from our previous clients.

Here are the telltale signs you should look for when selecting a security system consultant and some recommendations on how to protect your business. 

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We’ve Been Around the Block for a While

Originally founded by Tom Lundborg in a garage, Symspire has been operated by the Lundborg family since 1968. Today, Tom’s dream of building a full-service security company is alive and well, as we have become one of the leading technology installers and integrators in the state. 

So what does all this mean for you and your business? When hiring a local security consultant, it means you will be working with a team who knows the community, its people, and the challenges local companies face when fighting crime and insecurity. Also, you will know that whatever products you get, they will be top-of-the-line and installed by true industry leaders. 

We Carry All the Top Industry Brands 

Through the decades, Symspire has established partnerships and secured distribution rights with all industry-leading brands. We work with Control4 for automation and with companies like DMP, Luma, and to create the most sophisticated security systems available. 

Why Not DIY?

If you are wondering whether installing your own security system may be a good idea or not, consider this example of just how complex the design and installation process can be. First, you must take care of the motion sensors, which should be strategically positioned throughout your company property and linked to surveillance and access control systems. Next up, you should decide on what type of access control products will work best. Will a smart keypad be enough, or should you go for a fingerprint reader for the front door? And how about surveillance? Who will go through the hours of footage from the dozens of cameras needed to secure every corner? The good news is that a Symspire consultant will help you answer any questions you may have and gives you the option of using our industry-leading installers and integrators for the job. 

Homes and businesses in Franklin, throughout Eastern and Middle Tennessee, and brands across the world, have trusted us with designing, installing, and integrating their security solutions for decades. The first step to a safer business is contacting us, and our experts are standing by and ready to help! 

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