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5 Common Home Surveillance Questions, Answered!


Symspire Answers Your Most-Asked Questions About Home Surveillance Systems

If you’ve never installed a security camera system before, we understand you have some questions about home monitoring equipment. You might even have some reservations about a home surveillance investment at your home.

Whatever your questions or concerns are, Symspire is here to guide you in the right direction. As a Tennessee-based home security company, we have decades of experience helping homeowners just like you build world-class home surveillance setups right here in the Brentwood area.

Our dedication to service explains why we’re happy to share our knowledge, even before you start working with us. Keep reading for the most commonly asked questions homeowners have about home surveillance and how we respond.

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What Types of Cameras Should I Install?

When you’re looking into the many camera options, the choices seem daunting at first. Some of the most common cameras include box, dome, bullet and pan-tilt-zoom styles. When we provide our free consultation, we’ll talk about what your security preferences and priorities might be and choose the most advantageous equipment for each area – which depends on the amount of light the space receives, whether it’s indoor or outdoors and the visibility level you prefer.

We link our cameras to or Control4, which are top-quality home control systems. You can control your cameras directly through an or Control4 app on your smart device. That means as soon as suspicious activity gets captured on camera, you will receive an alert.

Where Should I Put Those Cameras?

Want to make the most of your surveillance equipment investment? The right number and positioning of your cameras gives you extra protection against criminal activity by reinforcing critical areas of your home.

Though it depends on your unique home and neighborhood, typically we secure all doors and low windows and look for other vulnerable areas. We explore those positioning options in detail here.

How Can I View My Footage?

You can view footage both in playback or real-time mode.

Want live footage? Simply log into your control application and select the camera you want to view from. You can also pan and tilt your PTZ cameras directly from your control app to capture activity anywhere covered by your camera.

Watching the video surveillance later or receive a video alert? stores your clips in a cloud-based system so that even if something happens to the camera, you’ll get to view them at your earliest convenience.

What Happens in Case of Emergency?

If you own an system, as soon as your home surveillance equipment detects suspicious activity, it will send an alert via a video clip to inform you.’s surveillance equipment can identify the differences between vehicles, animals and people, so it doesn’t constantly trigger and bombard you with unnecessary alerts.

When you see the live footage, you can decide whether or not to escalate the situation. If you detect a threat, you can press one button and send a law enforcement professional to inspect the case immediately.

But what if your surveillance cameras alert you to suspicious activity and you aren’t nearby to check what’s happening? What if an intrusion occurs at your home? Through connecting smart alarms to your home surveillance system, Symspire’s fully staffed, around-the-clock team gets notified and can reinforce your protection by taking necessary action within an average of 16.6 seconds.

Why Should I Choose a Professional Installation over DIY?

When purchasing a home surveillance system, you’re ultimately paying for peace of mind in your home. If you install your smart home surveillance system yourself, you not only lack a backup plan in the scenario that something is incorrectly installed, but you’re also missing a team that supports your home security from installation to detection to action.

Through a professional home surveillance installation, you can enjoy a custom solution that is expertly optimized for your property. And if anything ever goes wrong, you can have a team of local experts here to help make things right.

Want to learn any other information about home surveillance and how it might work for your Brentwood-area family? We at Symspire are here to help! Give us a call at 615-332-0093 or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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