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What Does A Smart Home Designer Do?


Before You DIY Your Smart Home, Learn How a Professional Can Help 

To install an in-ground pool, you’d hire a professional. And if you wanted to renovate the floors, you’d likely hire a professional, too. So when it comes to smart home systems that touch all facets of your property—security, lighting, audio, video—why wouldn’t you partner with a smart home designer

Some homeowners are unaware that smart home designers exist. But we do! A luxury smart home experience requires complex programming and wiring. To DIY your smart home, you risk dealing with disjointed devices that don’t work together and make life more complicated. But when you partner with the experts, your system will perform seamlessly, simplifying daily routines. 

Whether you’re renovating, building a new house, or are looking for an easier way to manage your Brentwood, TN home, here’s how a smart home installer can help. 

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We Design A System Customized to Your Life 

Do you want to be able to turn your landscape lights on—even if you aren’t home? Would you like whole-home audio that plays music across your entire property? Or the ability to adjust your pool’s temperature while you’re still inside? 

As a smart home designer, we’ll sit down with you to establish what’s most important to your household. Then, we’ll help you design your dream home and can plan where devices will go across every room and outdoors. We can sync security devices, TVs, projectors, speakers, lighting, motorized shading, HVAC, and more into a single smart home system. 

We Install Wiring & Hardware 

Once the plan is in place, we’ll run wires to connect home technology to the smart home controller—the brain of the entire system. In new construction, wires will be tidily hidden out of sight. If we install a smart system in an existing house, we’ll build a network to support wireless connectivity. 

As smart home experts, we know the best brands to use for different hardware applications. From home theaters to surveillance cameras, we’re up to date on the latest technologies and can share our recommendations. 

We Program Your Favorite Settings 

The exciting thing about professional smart homes are the ‘scenes’ that control multiple devices simultaneously. For example, we can program a “Dinner” scene that automatically dims the dining room lights and sets them to a warm, amber color. At the same time, soft music can start playing quietly over speakers, and the room will set to the ideal temperature. Or imagine a “Home” scene that sets all the lights, shades, and thermostats to your preferred settings.

You can activate smart scenes anytime from the system’s app or automate them to follow a schedule. We also install wall keypads that replace standard on/off light switches with custom buttons like “Morning,” “Night,” and “Away.” 

We’re There If Anything Goes Wrong 

If you DIY your smart home, there’s no one to call if it becomes unresponsive or certain settings no longer function. But when you partner with a professional like Symspire, we’re always there to troubleshoot or help you make any updates to the system. 

If you’re curious about home automation for your Tennessee home, contact Symspire today. We design and install customized home systems that add magic and convenience to daily life. 

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