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Skip the Local Cineplex: Enjoy Movies, TV, & Games in a New Way


Learn Why Home Theaters & Media Rooms Are Hotter than Ever Right Now 

In the last 12 months, most of us in Tennessee have spent more time in our homes than we ever have. Our activities outside of the home have dramatically shifted for the sake of social distancing, and sitting in a large room with strangers doesn’t sound like fun anymore. 

Homeowners in Franklin and the greater Nashville area are opting to take the movie-going experience home with them. Working with a professional home theater company like Symspire will help your clients achieve the ultimate entertainment experience. Home theaters and media rooms are a booming industry for new home builds and remodeling projects, so keep reading below to learn more. 

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Why the Shift to Home Theaters? 

Though many of us enjoyed visiting the local cineplex for family movie nights and date nights, you have to admit that there were a few aspects of visiting the movie theater that most don’t miss – the outrageous ticket prices, sticky floors, people pulling out their cell phones, and your seat neighbor chit-chatting during the best scenes. 

Many cinema companies have closed as well, leaving moviegoers without an opportunity to experience the immersive audio and video they came to expect and love. Instead, many are bringing the best parts – and more – of the experience to their Franklin-area homes. This is the perfect opportunity for homebuilders to incorporate this experience into new builds and remodels.

Entertainment Options 

The top two preferred styles of home entertainment are dedicated home theaters and multi-use media rooms. Both offer incredible images on ultra-high-definition TVs or projectors and screen combinations. And both have high-performance audio that will place you into the scenes of your favorite movies, TV shows, or video games.

Home theaters are designed solely for entertainment consumption, so gaming and watching movies and shows are the primary functions of this space. Because the room is enclosed, the audio is more immersive. Expertly selected fabrics are designed for comfort, aesthetics, and sound absorption. Lights can dim at the press of a button, too, to create a dark viewing space for the ultimate binge-watch sessions. 

On the other hand, media rooms are designed to serve a variety of needs as unique as the family using the space. Comfortable seating is vital to the space, with various styles to suit everyone in the family. TV watching is not the sole purpose of the room, so there could be a card table for family board game nights, a reading nook, and even a bar top for snacks and drinks. High-fidelity audio can stream through in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers, too. The TV screen could even double as a beautiful piece of art when not in use, or it can roll away with just a tap of a button with a motorized lift into a credenza. 

Let Us Help 

Going to the local cineplex is quickly becoming a nostalgic pastime. Homeowners are flocking towards the safer alternative that can entertain the entire family without leaving the house! As the expert home theater company serving Franklin, TN, we can ensure your clients have the perfect AV setup in whatever style of entertainment space they prefer.

Connect with us using this online form for a consultation today. We look forward to working alongside you and your crew! 

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